The Summit Church of Christ          Ludington, Michigan
(231) 843-1884
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Prayer Requests
If you have a prayer request please let us know.  You may call us at the number below, or hit the contact button and send us an email.

5186 S. Pere Marquette Hwy
Ludington, Michigan 49431

Phone: (231) 843-1884   

Contact Us
​Philippians 4:6, 
Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

PRAY FOR: Summit Congregation- Peggy Kortge, Betty LaFleur, Garry & Donna 
  Morton, Lorna Matthews, Serena Beaver, for Janelle Beaver & her pregnancy, 
  Denise Sanford, Roy & Rosie Nelson, Foy & Lillian Pate, Charlotte Salliotte and 
  Heather Coleman. Family & Friends- Cheryl’s sister, Diane- cancer, Yolanda
  Cole, Barry Kelly- recovering from surgeries, Rosie’s brother, Ernie- has heart 
  problems, Megan Nelson, Donna Morton’s Mom and Donna’s sister- Marsha 
  Ann- taking care of their Mom, Also, Damon and Serena’s parents, Eugene 
  Hawkins, Rick and Terri Myers- Terri has cancer, and Shannon Nelson’s Dad,
  and her nephew- Tanner, Cora’s sister and niece, Joe Cooper, Norm Johnson’s 
  son and sister, Megan Nelson’s mother and father, Janelle Beaver’s aunt, and 
  Kenzie Beth Murdoch has lymphoma. Also, Jane Denton, and Marlo McKinnon. 
  Let’s pray also for “Let the Bible Speak” and “In Search of the Lord’s Way” TV
  programs, and for the Lord’s Church all over. 
  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  
SURGERY: Garry Morton’s Dad, Lemoyne Morton, had a growth removed 
  from his bladder last week. Prayers are requested for him.