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While on the pilgrimage below we meet with clouds of strife
And streams of trouble overflow to flood the road of life.

But there’s a friend somewhere above who’s watching day by day
To soothe the heartaches with His love and drive the clouds away.

So long and painful is the road that we must travel on
And oft so heavy is the load our strength is quickly gone.

But there’s a friend somewhere on high who’s watching over all
And with His love He’s standing by to lift us when we fall.

This pilgrim journey we must take is often filled with care,
Our hearts with sorrows often break when we’ve too much to bear,

But there’s a friend on heaven’s throne whose heart goes out to them
Who need His arm to lean upon and we can trust in Him.

When falls the fearful shade of night and we in darkness roam
There is a friend to give us light and lead us safely home.

He gives us grace because we’re His while through this life we plod,
O what blessedness it is to be the friend of God.

(By Harry Presley)

(A verse from a hymn by Adelaide Proctor)

“My God I Thank Thee Who Hast Made”
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