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Obey God’s Word, and KNOW that He will ALWAYS do His part: 

God’s guidance and teaching along with our trusting expectation will bless our lives- (Psalm 25:5) 

His temporal blessings are evident and should be accepted with the right attitude- (Psalm 145:16)

We also have the comfort of His protection- (Psalm 33:18-22)

How about the assurance of His long term providential care? - (Genesis 50:18-20)

How Do We Wait? 
Psalm 62:5-6, Psalm 130:1-8, Micah 7:7, Psalm 37:7-9

What Blessings Await Those Who Wait For God?
Psalm 40:1-3, Isaiah 40:31, Lamentations 3:22-26, Isaiah 25:8-9

RUNNING AHEAD, By Margaret Beaumann

Lord, I would put my hand in Thine and learn on Thee to wait.
Your help will never come too soon nor will it come too late.

So often in an hour of need, I offer up my prayers
In hopes that You will help me bear my burdens and my cares.

I lay them at Your mercy seat but then when I am through,
I pick them all back up again and run ahead of You.

It seems that I am not content to let You work things out.
It’s not my part alone I work but Yours I go about.

I often just don’t trust You , Lord, the best for me to do,
And then I fume and fuss and fret at what I’m going through.

That’s when I know I need to learn to stop and wait a while.
It’s then that You must look at me and give a knowing smile.

And I can hear You say to me, when things are going wild,
If you would learn to wait on Me, I’d spare you this my child.

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