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Matthew- Jesus, the King- 2:2
Mark- Jesus, the Servant- 10:45
Luke- Jesus, the Man- 1:31
John- Jesus, the Word of God- 1:14
Acts- Church beginnings or Church History- 2:47
Romans- Righteousness- 5:21
1 Corinthians- Church Problems- 4:14
2 Corinthians- Paul Defends his Authority- 12:12
Galatians- Christian Freedoms- 4:7
Ephesians- Christ and His Church- 5:23
Philippians- Rejoice in the Lord!- 4:4
Colossians- Christ is Superior- 2:10
1 Thessalonians- Christ’s Second Coming- 4:10
2 Thessalonians- Day of the Lord- 1:10
1 Timothy- Living in Christ’s Church- 3:15
2 Timothy- A Minister of Christ- 4:2
Titus- Display Good Works- 2:7
Philemon- Forgiving a Brother- verse 15
Hebrews- Christ is Better- 1:4
James- Faith and Works- 2:24
1 Peter- Suffering as Christians- 2:21
2 Peter- Beware of False Teachers- 3:17
1 John- God’s Love and God’s Truth- 2:5
2 John- Walk in Truth- verse 4
3 John- Do Good when opposed- verse 11
Jude- Contend for the Faith- verse 3
Revelation- Victory- 17:14

These themes and scripture references are fully intended to help us to recall God’s Word, to live it, to share it, and to defend it. This is for our own benefit and to lead others to The Lord! It should be useful for any Lads to Leaders participants who desire to learn The Books and for those who want to be a Centurion of Scripture. “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Psalm 119:105).

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