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Acts 4:36-37- Barnabas was known as an encourager. This is a very valuable and admirable trait. Also, being an encourager is self-rewarding. And we all sometimes need to be on the receiving end of encouragement.

Acts 15:22-31- Sometimes encouragement comes in simply hearing God’s Word and getting a spiritual lift from it.

It is encouraging to know that God is there for us to handle even the most discouraging and disappointing events in our lives- 1 Peter 5:6-7. God can turn seemingly insurmountable difficulties in our lives into upward steps of spiritual growth- Romans 8:28.

We can encourage those whose lives are falling apart because of sin and its destructive effects. There is always much hope in repentance- Luke 15:10-24.

Those who are in deep grief because of great loss are in need of encouragement. It may come in the form of just being a good listener- Job 2:11-13.

3 John 1-8- We can encourage those who are doers of good works.

Also, make sure that we encourage the right things and that our sources who encourage us can be trusted to be encouragers of good - Genesis 3:4-6. 

Let’s all try to be encouragers of the right things!

These many mighty miracles are faith-building and help us to see the power of Jesus over all things:
Mark 1:25-26- Casting out an unclean spirit
Mark 1:31- Took fever from Simon Peter’s mother-in-law
Mark 1:40-42- Cleansed a man from leprosy
Mark 2:10-12- Healed a man with palsy 
Mark 3:5- Restored a man’s withered hand
Mark 4:39- Calmed the stormy sea
Mark 5:12-13- Sent demons from a man into swine
Mark 5:25-34- Healed a 12-year bleeding disease
Mark 5:35-42- Raised a ruler’s dead daughter
Mark 6:41-44- Fed 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish
Mark 6:49- Walked on the sea 
Mark 7:29-30- Cast a demon out of a young girl
Mark 7:32-35- Healed a deaf man
Mark 8:5-9- Fed 4,000 with 7 loaves and a few fish
Mark 8:22-25- Gave sight to a blind man
Mark 9:17-27- Healed a deaf and convulsive child
Mark 10:46-52- Gave sight to Bartimaeus
Mark 11:20-21- Cursed a fig tree and it withered
Mark 16:5-6- He arose from the dead
Mark 16:19- He ascended into heaven

The many mighty miracles of Jesus certainly help us to believe Jesus was the Son of God! (John 20:30-31)

GOSPEL MEETING: GOSPEL MEETING: Has been rescheduled for January 14th- 16th.will be Friday night at 7:00 & Saturday morning at 10:00 & at 11:00. We will also have potluck lunch, then have a speaker at 2:00. Then our final speaker will  be at Sunday morning worship. The theme of our meeting will be “Faith, Hope, Love, The Greatest of These Is Love”. Five men from the Summit congregation will be our speakers. Save the dates!